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Either visiting or in between flights, stay up to date with the accommodation options near Faro airport to spend the night. Location of hotels, hostels, guest-houses and inns around the Faro area.


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Looking for a place to stay near Faro airport? Find the best hotel deals to spend the night around the Faro area before catching your flight. Compare ammenities, room prices for the desired dates and book online with best prices.

Closest hotel - 600 m

If you need to stay overnight next to Faro airport, the hotel 3K Faro is the closest option, located at just 600 meters from the terminal, approximately 10 minutes walking. Operating since early 2014, this modern 3-star hotel has 50 rooms and accommodation facilities of a large hotel - free private parking, restaurant, laundry service, swimming pool and free wi-fi. A great solution for unexpected flight delays or early morning departures from Faro airport.

Map with the location of the hotels closer to Faro airport
  • Hotel 3K Faro Aeroporto
    Hotel 3K Faro Aeroporto Estrada do Aeroporto EN 125-10 CP 409-A, Montenegro 8005-146 Faro 600 m 51 rooms, private parking, restaurant, swimming pool

The Frangaria Inn is the second closest option from Faro airport, 1,5 km away from the terminal on the main access road to the airport. If not heavily loaded with luggage, walking to the hotel will take approximately 15 minutes. You can also take the circuit 16 or circuit 14 bus from Faro airport to get there. Get off at the stop near the Montenegro aerial roundabout - warn the bus driver you want to exit near Frangaria if you are not familiar with the area. This affordable accommodation has 11 twin bed rooms, air conditioning, cable TV and free internet. The breakfast buffet is included which is a plus. The restaurant on the ground floor is very popular among the locals for its grilled chicken piri-piri.

  • Frangaria Inn
    Frangaria Inn AL Local accommodation Estrada do Aeroporto EN 125-10 7, Montenegro 8005-146 Faro 1,5 km 11 twin-bed rooms, private parking, restaurant

A little further down the main access road to the airport, a little more than 2 km from the terminal, the 3 stars Hotel Monaco, the 2 stars Hotel Ibis and the Rialgarve Sports Center, both in the Montenegro parish are also good lodging options for short stays next to Faro airport. The taxi transport to any of these hotels takes around 5 minutes and there are also bus stops next to each hotel - take the circuit 16 or circuit 14 bus bound to Faro city centre and tell the driver you want to get off at one of these accommodations.

  • Hotel Monaco
    Hotel Monaco Rua João Batista Severino, Monte da Ria, Montenegro 8005-237 Faro 2,5 km 88 rooms, swimming pool
  • Rialgarve Sports Centre
    Rialgarve Sports Centre AL Local accommodation Rua Diogo Tavares Lote 1, Montenegro 8005-205 Faro 2,5 km 30 rooms, private parking, restaurant, swimming pool, 2 tennis courts and 1 multi purpose field
  • Hotel Ibis
    Hotel Ibis Rua António Aleixo 206 EN 125, 8000-770 Faro 3 km 81 rooms, private parking, restaurant, swimming pool

Faro beach - 4 km

Another option to take into account for spending the night near Faro airport, especially if you have some free time before catching your flight, is the Faro beach (praia de Faro). Also known as Faro island (ilha de Faro) - although actually a peninsula not an island - the beach stretches for several miles and acts as a natural barrier between the Ria Formosa lagoon system and the Atlantic ocean. The surrounding scenery is very beautiful, with a great view over Faro city, the airport runway and the Algarve mountains to the north. This place is very popular amongst Faro inhabitants.

Hotel Aeromar at Faro beach is just 4 km away from the airport. It's a great 2 stars hotel close to the sea with 23 rooms, all the standard amenities and a panoramic restaurant. Use your free time before flying to go for a swim in the ocean, a walk along the beach, to relax on the hotel terrace or to enjoy a nice breakfast overlooking the Ria Formosa. Taxis and public buses to Faro beach are available at Faro airport throughout the entire day - you must take the circuit 16 or circuit 14 bus bound to Praia de Faro. Travel time is approximately 10 minutes.

  • Hotel Aeromar
    Hotel Aeromar Avenida Nascente 1 Praia de Faro 8005-520 Faro 3,7 km 23 rooms, restaurant
  • WAX Hostel
    WAX Hostel AL Local accommodation Avenida Nascente 11, Praia de Faro, 8005-520 Faro, Portugal 3.7 km 16 rooms, restaurant, bar, terrace, free Wi-Fi

Faro city - 6 km

The majority of passengers arriving at Faro airport go to holiday destinations elsewhere in the Algarve but Faro. Still, those who also take the opportunity to visit the city for a night or two have been growing considerably over the past few years. Mainly contributing to this change is the increasing number of low cost routes to the Algarve operated by major airline companies at Faro airport, as a result of the region's growing popularity abroad.

Faro is the capital of the Algarve and as the region administrative and financial centre, the main source of the city revenue has been mostly associated with public services, the Algarve university and related businesses. However, in the last decade the focus on the tourism sector has grown considerably and new investments were made throughout the city, especially since the 2004 European football championship when Faro was one of the hosting cities. This new trend has been causing a positive and visible impact on the city with the rehabilitation of public spaces, new recreational areas, more night-life and cultural events, particularly in the city historical centre. The number of businesses and companies related to tourism is flourishing, especially in the areas of nature activities around the Ria Formosa lagoon, handicraft, regional cuisine, local winery and gift shops. Faro is definitely more committed to attract the thousands of visitors that each year arrive to the Algarve at Faro airport.

The growing interest in the city is also positively influencing the quality of the hotels in Faro and several other accommodation types. The are more beds available throughout the city, especially in the sector of hostels, bed & breakfast concept and other low cost accommodations. Faro airport passengers wishing to visit the city, currently have several options to spend the night according to various travel scenarios, age groups and budgets. Experience the most cosmopolitan city in the Algarve, also known as the capital of Ria Formosa. At Faro's marina you can take a boat trip to the magnificent barrier islands of the Ria Formosa lagoon ecosystem - Faro Beach, Ilha Deserta, Ilha do Farol and Culatra.

2 to 4 stars hotels in Faro

Currently, Faro is served by two 4 stars hotels, four 3 stars hotels, seven 2 stars hotels and one boutique hotel. The city has a total of 14 hotels, which together provide around 1400 beds / sleeps. Four of these hotels are located closer to the airport and the remain ones at Faro city centre, just 6 km from the airport.

The two 4 stars hotels - Hotel Eva and Hotel Faro - are the largest and also the city oldest and most emblematic hotels. Both at the city "heart", next to the marina, they provide rooms with a privileged view to the Ria Formosa lagoon and the historical centre. The Santo António street, a few meters from both hotels, is the most prestigious shopping strip in the city. It is also the place where in 2013 the first boutique hotel opened in Faro - the Aqua Ria Boutique Hotel in a fully recovered secular building. Having arrived to the city centre, you wont have to walk far to find an available hotel nearby. Bellow you can find the list and location of all the available hotels in Faro - 2 to 4 stars.

City map with the location of all the hotels in Faro - 2 to 4 stars

Hostels in Faro city centre - low cost accommodation

The hostel concept is a trend imported from big cities and Faro already has more than a dozen of this accommodations, providing visitors with a cheaper alternative to traditional hotels. In a more relaxed atmosphere with a minimalist decoration, the service you get is more informal, jovial and mainly based on the concept of sharing and self-service. Hostels tend to be associated with backpackers and young travellers, for whom the cost of spending the night is the determining factor when choosing a place to stay. Some hostels may offer discounts or even free lodging for some period in exchange of part-time work at the reception, help with the cleaning or maintenance tasks.

In most Faro hostels you can rent a bed in a shared bunk room in dormitory style - some hostels may have individual and private rooms as well. Intended as a low cost service, only the essential is available and some of the standard amenities usually seen on traditional hotels are not included by default - if requested, they will be charged as extras. Bigger bathrooms outside the rooms are shared by guests and an equipped kitchen is provided for them to prepare their own meals - don't forget to wash your dishes! Some hostels include breakfast in the stay - the bed & breakfast accommodation concept. To promote socialization among guests hostels provide common areas like TV rooms, terraces and bars for their entertainment.

Practically all the hostels in Faro are located within the city centre, 6 km from the airport. Finding one to spend the night is quite easy. Several old buildings have been rehabilitated and turned into hostels while maintaining the original architecture thus contributing to the city centre rehabilitation. Due to the recent investments made in this type of accommodation and the tourism industry in general, old buildings start to look live again, recovering that picturesque look and feeling. The bus and train stations are within a short walking distance from any hostel, providing connections to other destinations in the Algarve and the rest of Portugal. Bellow is a list of popular hostels in downtown Faro, also known as lowcost accommodations.

Map with the location of hostels in the city of Faro - low cost accommodation
  • Hostel 1878
    Hostel 1878 AL Local accommodation Rua Serpa Pinto 29, 8000-431 Faro 6 km 350 m 400 m 12 rooms (74 beds - 3 double rooms, 1 suite and 8 dorms)
  • Algarve Hostel
    Algarve Hostel AL Local accommodation Avenida da República 72, 8000-072 Faro 6,5 km 100 m 400 m 7 rooms
  • Hostel do Largo
    Hostel do Largo AL Local accommodation Largo Manuel Teixeira Gomes 1-3, 8000-153 Faro 6,7 km 1.1 km 1.3 km 7 rooms (28 beds)
  • Hostel Casa d'Alagoa
    Hostel Casa d'Alagoa AL Local accommodation Praça Alexandre Herculano 27, 8000-160 Faro 7 km 750 m 1 km 40 rooms
  • Le Penguin Hostel
    Le Penguin Hostel AL Local accommodation Rua Dr. Cândido Guerreiro 33, 8000-320 Faro 6,5 km 950 m 1.1 km 6 rooms
  • Happy House
    Happy House AL Local accommodation Rua Batista Lopes , 44 Rua Batista Lopes , 44, 8000-225 Faro, Portugal 6.3 km 650 m 500 m 5 rooms, restaurant, free Wi-Fi
  • Sunlight House
    Sunlight House AL Local accommodation Rua Dr. Francisco Lázaro Cortes 11, 8000-143 Faro 7 km 850 m 1.1 km 38 rooms
  • <s>Alecrihm Bed & Breakfast</s><br>The Story Guest House
    Alecrihm Bed & Breakfast
    The Story Guest House
    AL Local accommodation Rua José Estevão 3A, 8000-343 Faro 6,4 km 450 m 650 m 10 rooms
  • <s>Azothea Bed & Breakfast</s><br>Faro Vintage Guest House
    Azothea Bed & Breakfast
    Faro Vintage Guest House
    AL Local accommodation Rua Baptista Lopes 40, 8000-160 Faro 6,5 km 500 m 700 m 5 rooms
  • Faroway Hostel
    Faroway Hostel AL Local accommodation Rua D. Francisco Gomes 18, 8000-000 Faro 6,7 km 450 m 750 m 5 rooms
  • Hostel 33
    Hostel 33 AL Local accommodation Rua Miguel Bombarda 33, 8000-394 Faro 5,8 km 270 m 70m 26 rooms
  • (Closed Temp.) Sleepin Faro Hostel
    (Closed Temp.) Sleepin Faro Hostel AL Local accommodation Largo da Estação 5, 8000-133 Faro 6 km 230 m 60 m 5 rooms
  • (Closed) Blablabla Hostel
    (Closed) Blablabla Hostel AL Local accommodation Rua Miguel Bombarda 12 6 km 180 m 160 m 4 rooms (18 beds - 2 double rooms and 2 dorms with 6 and 8 beds)
  • Baixa-Portugal Terrace Hostel
    Baixa-Portugal Terrace Hostel AL Local accommodation Rua de Portugal 36 6,7 km 650 m 900 m 11 rooms (44 beds)
  • Faro Central Guest House
    Faro Central Guest House AL Local accommodation Rua Teófilo Braga 15, 8000-438 Faro 6 km 280 m 190 m 10 rooms
  • Faro Youth Hostel
    Faro Youth Hostel Rua da PSP Edifício do IPJ 7 km 1.2 km 1.5 km 15 rooms (60 beds)

Local inns, pensions and guesthouses

While walking through the city centre you will also find several other local accommodation options such as small inns, pensions and guesthouses to spend the night in Faro. They provide cheaper lodging prices than conventional hotels and are usually managed by local families. The atmosphere is more familiar and picturesque, ideal for those who like to experience more closely the local culture. See a list of these local accommodations below.

Map with the location of local inns, pensions and guesthouses in Faro city
  • São Filipe Inn
    São Filipe Inn AL Local accommodation Rua Infante D. Henrique 55-1º 8000-363 Faro 6 km 290 m 220 m 11 rooms
  • Dandy Residential
    Dandy Residential AL Local accommodation Rua Filipe Alistão 62 8000-343 Faro 6,2 km 400 m 600 m 18 rooms
  • Condado Residential
    Condado Residential AL Local accommodation Rua Gonçalo Barreto 14 8000-360 Faro 6,3 km 700 m 900 m 8 rooms
  • York Residential
    York Residential AL Local accommodation Rua de Berlim 37-39 8000-278 Faro 7,5 km 1.9 km 1.9 km 21 rooms
  • Guest House Capitão Mor
    Guest House Capitão Mor AL Local accommodation Rua Capitão Mor 12 8000-240 Faro 6,2 km 300 m 550 m 6 rooms
  • Avenida Residential
    Avenida Residential AL Local accommodation Avenida da República 150 8000-079 Faro 6 km 40 m 220 m 7 rooms
  • Oceano Residential
    Oceano Residential AL Local accommodation Rua 1 de Maio, Travessa Ivens 21-1 8000-474 Faro 6,3 km 300 m 550 m 22 rooms
  • Tivoli Pension
    Tivoli Pension AL Local accommodation Praça Alexandre Herculano 6, 8000-159 Faro 7,4 km 600 m 900 m 12 rooms
  • Emília Pension
    Emília Pension AL Local accommodation Rua Reitor Teixeira Guedes 21 8000-422 Faro 7,5 km 900 m 1.2 km 5 rooms
  • Central Pension
    Central Pension AL Local accommodation Largo Terreiro do Bispo 10 8000-156 Faro 6,8 km 450 m 700 m 8 rooms

Estoi Palace - Monument Hotel - 12 km

Tranquility and luxury with a breathtaking scenery briefly describe this historic hotel located in the Estoi village in the outskirts of Faro. If you have a taste for art, history, tradition and prefer the countryside instead of the city, don't miss the opportunity to spend the night in a glamorous eighteenth century rococo palace surrounded by Versailles style gardens. Estoi palace is part of the Portuguese chain of hotels called "Pousadas de Portugal" - a concept created in the 50's with the purpose of restoring abandoned historic buildings such as castles, palaces, convents and monasteries to transform them into luxury hostelry units while adding an historic and cultural component to the traditional hotel concept. Apart from the Estoi Palace, the Algarve has two more of these exquisite properties - the Graça convent in Tavira and pousada do Infante in Sagres.

With a magnificent view over the sea and mountains, the Estoi palace is equivalent to a 5-star hotel and is located in the historic village of Estoi, 10 km from Faro city and 12 km from Faro airport. Its conversion to a monument hotel was carried out by the architect Gonçalo Byrne, resulting in a luxurious hotel with 60 rooms and 3 suites, indoor and outdoor pools, bar, terrace, restaurant and spa. Next to the palace you can visit the Milreu ruins, a testimony of the Roman empire occupation in the area.

From the airport or from Faro city, the best way to get to the hotel is either by taxi, a private transfer or a car rental. Travelling by bus is also possible but requires switching lines and more waiting time - the Faro-Estoi connection is provided by the EVA transports company from the bus terminal in Faro city centre. If travelling from the airport you must first take the circuit 16 bus to the terminal in the city.

  • Estoi Palace
    Estoi Palace Monument hotel Rua de São José, Estoi 8005-465 Faro 12 km 63 rooms (3 suites), private parking, restaurant, swimming pool and spa

Closest 5 stars hotel - 15 km

Faro still does not have any hotels rated with 5 stars. The closest one is the Real Marina Hotel & Spa located in the nearby city of Olhão, 10 km from Faro and 15 km from the airport. It is next to the Ria Formosa (one of the 7 Portuguese natural wonders) and the recreational marina. Inaugurated in 2010 this modern hotel provides guests with a magnificent sea view. It has 144 rooms (12 suites), restaurant, spa, gym and an outdoor terrace pool in the first floor.

The hotel is located a few meters from the traditional local market and restaurants which is a plus as Olhão is famous for its gastronomy based on sea food from Ria Formosa. Next to the hotel you can also find daily boat trips to the Ria Formosa and the surrounding islands. This 5 stars Hotel & Spa practices affordable prices and is an excellent choice for quality accommodation not far Faro airport.

To get there from the airport, we recommend travelling by taxi, private transfer or car hire. Direct public transportation from Faro airport to Olhão is not available - you must first take the circuit 16 bus towards Faro city centre and then take the EVA bus or regional train to Olhão.

  • Real Marina Hotel & Spa
    Real Marina Hotel & Spa Avenida 5 de Outubro, 8700-307 Olhão 15 km 144 rooms, private parking, restaurant, swimming pool e spa

Other hotels in the Algarve

In addition to the near by hotels in Faro city, the rest of the Algarve has more than 500 hotels and resorts to choose from. The highest concentration of 4 and 5 star rated hotels is in the areas of Quinta do Lago (20 km), Vale do Lobo (20 km), Vilamoura (26 km), Albufeira (40 km), Portimão (64 km) and Lagos (85 km), both to the west of Faro airport. To the east you may also find several quality hotels in the areas of Olhão (15 km), Tavira (38 km) and Vila Real de Santo António next to the Spanish border (60 km). If proximity to the airport is not a determining factor for you, check the availability and prices of hotels across the Algarve region.