Faro Airport Transfers

The best way to leave the airport after your flight arrival and getting to the airport before flight departure. Private taxi service at Faro airport covering all the Algarve and providing direct transport straight to and from your holiday address. Ideal for small or bigger groups of passengers.

Minibuses for airport transfers

Compare car rental deals between suppliers operating at Faro airport. Book online to avoid waiting time and to get lower prices.

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Pre-book a private transport between the airport and your hotel. Transfers for small or large groups of passengers. Meet & greet service.

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Private transport from and to Faro Airport

Faro airport passengers have at their disposal a private (not shared) and direct transfer service with chauffeur between the airport and any destination or accommodation across the Algarve - hotel, resort, private villa, company, etc. This type of transportation service tends to be cheaper than a regular taxi and faster than a public bus or a shared shuttle. It is also an excellent alternative to renting a car and unlike public taxis, transfer costs are fixed for each destination area and passengers are already aware of the final transportation price between Faro airport and their holiday address. The transfer service is available every day for 24 hours through online booking. Private transfers are the most used transportation option by tourists visiting the Algarve, especially during the summer months.

How it works

Booking a transfer from or to Faro airport is simple and avoids waiting times and other bureaucracies to arrange transportation for your arrival and departure at the airport. Transfers are ideal for those who do not want to wait in public taxi lines or be surprised by unforeseen costs upon arrival. The private transfer service at Faro airport does not impose restricted schedules and is always based on your flight arrival and departure times. The steps involved to book a transfer between Faro airport and your Algarve accommodation are straightforward:

  1. Book online in advance the transfer transport to your final destination
  2. You must provide the details of your arrival and / or departure flight and also the exact address of your final destination
  3. You can choose the type of vehicle that best suits your needs
  4. You can opt to pay in advance online (Paypal or credit card) or directly to the driver on the transport day
  5. Transfer confirmation is immediate and you will receive a booking voucher to present to the driver on the transport day
  6. The driver will welcome you at the arrivals area, holding a sign with your name
  7. Driver will assist you with luggage and guide you to the vehicle outside
  8. Your transport is not shared and goes straight from the airport to your accommodation
  9. You can also book the return transfer to the airport on the same reservation

Note: airport transfers must be booked a few hours before the arrival or departure flight - this limit may vary depending on the transfer supplier or chosen vehicle.

Vehicles capacity - max number of passengers for each transfer

Transfers between Faro airport are carried out on vehicles of different sizes to accommodate small or large groups of passengers. Transfer companies provide private buses and coaches for bigger groups or excursions and also minibuses, vans and executive cars for transporting smaller groups - for example golfers. Except for each vehicle maximum capacity of occupants, there is no passenger limit for the transfer service. When making the reservation just make sure that the chosen vehicle is large enough to accommodate all persons in your travel group and respective luggage. You can also require more than one vehicle for the same transfer service.


The luggage policy for transfers between Faro airport is not as tight as the public taxis and also does not require the payment of a supplement for the use of the vehicle baggage compartment. There is no imposed limit to the number of volumes each passenger can bring and also allows for the transport of non-standard luggage such as surfboards, bicycles, golf bags, baby pushchairs or strollers - if previously declared during the transfer booking process. For large amounts of luggage or unusual baggage items, transfer vehicles may be equipped with a cargo trailer. However, passengers must always choose a vehicle large enough to accommodate all the standard luggage.

Ideal for golfers

Algarve is a popular destination for golf enthusiasts around the world and Faro airport is the main gateway for the thousands of players that each year travel to golf resorts in the region. The private transfer service proves to be particularly useful for these passengers and also for international golf operators, not only for the transport of their clients between the airport but also for transfers between golf courses. At reasonable prices, it ensures a quality non-stop transport and can easily accommodate golf bags for small or big groups of players. Contrary to what happens with conventional taxis, the transport of golf bags in a transfer service is free - provided that during booking you inform the respective golf bag quantity and choose a suitable vehicle for the transportation.

Pet transportation

If you are travelling with pets such as dogs or cats, the private transfer service allows for their transport provided that they are carried in proper boxes and do not represent a security risk for the vehicle occupants nor they show lack of hygiene signs. Depending on the pet box size, it can be transported in the vehicle baggage compartment or at the front with the passengers - you should keep this in mind when choosing the transfer vehicle. Animal transport is usually free if previously informed during the transfer booking.

Child Safety

If travelling with children you can request baby seats and booster seats for free and the equipment will be pre-installed in the transfer vehicle. In Portugal, children under 12 years old and less than 1,50 m tall can only be transported with the help of child restraint systems - if you don't bring your own equipment you must request it during the transfer booking process. When choosing your transfer vehicle, you must always take into account the space occupied by such equipment. For example, a family with two young children will have to choose a car with a capacity of at least 4 passengers - 2 adults and 2 children. If both children require child seats, you should choose a slightly larger vehicle with capacity for more than 4 passenger for space reasons.

Reduced Mobility

At Faro airport is possible to request transfers in adapted vehicles for people with reduced mobility. Given the specificity of the transport, these transfers should be booked with as much time in advance as possible to avoid inconvenience caused by lack of vehicle availability. During the booking process, in the vehicle choice step just search for those with the international symbol for accessibility. Usually these transfer services use adapted minivans, capable of carrying a person in a wheelchair together with 4 occupants - 5 passengers in total.

Bookings and Payment Method

To make a Faro airport transfer reservation you'll have to provide your arrival flight details - flight number and estimated time of arrival - and also the exact address of the final destination you want to be transported to. In the address of your accommodation search by the name of the Portuguese city or town where it is located - for example Albufeira, Vilamoura or Lagos. Select the respective location as the destination of your transfer to get available vehicles and transportation prices. For the return transfer to Faro airport, the process is similar and takes into account your departure flight details. Return transfers can be booked together with the first transfer.

Pay online or directly to the driver on the transport day

Before submitting the transfer request you may choose to pay online in advance or to pay later directly to the driver. Secure online payments can be made with a credit card or via PayPal account. Payments to the driver on the transport day are usually made in cash and only Euros is accepted. Whatever payment method you choose, transfer confirmation is immediate and you will receive an email with a booking voucher to present to the driver at the arrivals hall.

Note: to be able to check the availability of transfers, bookings must be made with a few hours in advance before your arrival or departure flight at Faro airport - this limit may vary depending on the chosen transfer destination and vehicle.

Destinations and Prices

Faro airport provides private transfers to any destination in the Algarve, Alentejo, Lisbon and southern Spain. Transfer prices are fixed and based on the passengers destination area, only varying according to type of vehicle they choose.

Private transfers are charged for transport vehicle and not per person. Business competition between transfer companies leads to very competitive prices, making this transport option between Faro airport very popular when it comes to value for money. Based on the information provided by transfer suppliers, the majority of passengers requests are for transfers between Faro airport and Albufeira, Lagos, Vilamoura, Carvoeiro and Alvor.

Faro airport transfers prices to popular destinations

Destination Distance Price up to 4 PAX Price up to 8 PAX Price up to 16 PAX Price up to 24 PAX
Albufeira 46 km 32€ 42€ 74€ 154€
Alvor 75 km 54€ 65€ 110€ 173€
Armação de Pêra 54 km 48€ 59€ 100€ 160€
Carvoeiro 63 km 54€ 65€ 100€ 220€
Galé 46 km 35€ 46€ 80€ 154€
Isla Canela Spain 75 km 75€ 92€ 140€ 172€
Islantilla Spain 90 km 85€ 102€ 180€ 245€
Lagos 82 km 65€ 76€ 120€ 207€
Olhos de Água 31 km 32€ 42€ 74€ 154€
Portimão 64 km 54€ 65€ 110€ 173€
Praia da Luz 88 km 66€ 80€ 125€ 226€
Praia da Rocha 73 km 54€ 65€ 110€ 173€
Quarteira 24 km 27€ 35€ 60€ 121€
Quinta do Lago 20 km 27€ 35€ 60€ 121€
Seville Spain 200 km 275€ 310€ 410€ 570€
Tavira 40 km 35€ 45€ 80€ 162€
Vale do Lobo 24 km 27€ 35€ 60€ 121€
Vilamoura 24 km 27€ 35€ 60€ 121€
Prices per transfer vehicle not per passenger.

Toll charges for the optional use of the A22 motorway

Traffic circulation in the Algarve is mainly ensured by two ground routes - the free N125 road and the paid A22 motorway (Via do Infante). Both connect the region from one end to the other, from east to west. Though its use requires the payment of tolls, the A22 highway is the quickest, most convenient and safe way to travel between Faro airport and popular Algarve locations. The N125 road is free but is a slower alternative, especially in the summer months when traffic is more intense. Depending on your destination, when requesting a private transfer you can choose between the A22 motorway or the N125 for your transport. Before confirming the transfer booking you will be informed of the extra cost if you choose the A22 route. For farthermost destinations from Faro airport like Carvoeiro, Portimão, Praia da Rocha, Alvor, Lagos, Praia da Luz and Sagres, most passengers opt for the use of the A22 highway.

VIP Transfers

For the most demanding visitors or for special guests there is the possibility to request high-end or first-class vehicles for transfers from and to Faro airport. Also available for several travel group sizes, these private transfers have a slightly higher cost and are always performed on more discrete, comfortable vehicles - in general, they all have leather seats and tinted windows. This high quality service is often used by business executives who require Mercedes class E vehicles, BMW 5 series sedans or executive Mercedes vans for their transport. To request a VIP transfer at Faro airport, select one of these vehicles from the available options while making your online reservation - the rest of the procedure is similar and confirmation is also immediate.

Comparison with other ground transportation alternatives

Faro airport transfers are the most common ground transportation choice among passengers arriving or departing at the Algarve airport as it has several advantages over other available options such as shared shuttles, public taxis or buses. For some scenarios, private transfers are also an excellent alternative to renting a car. The following sections compare the transfer service with the other ground transportation alternatives at Faro airport.

Private Transfers vs. Shared Shuttle

Private transfers have several advantages over the shuttle service at Faro airport, which is also considered a transfer service although shared by several passengers.

Less waiting. Transfer companies that operate their fleet in the shuttle variant tend to group clients arriving from several flights in order to fill the transportation vehicle and make the most of the service. This procedure can retain passengers for some time at the airport, which represents an inconvenience for most clients. On the contrary, in a private transfer you will have a vehicle and driver just for your party waiting in the arrivals area, ready to assist you with luggage and start the trip to your accommodation straight away.

Faster. Imagine that the holiday destination of passenger A is Vilamoura, client B Albufeira and client C Portimao. The shared shuttle service has to stop at all those locations which is very time consuming. With a private transfer service you get a direct transport from the airport to your final destination with no stops en route.

Cheaper. In a shared shuttle service prices are charged per passenger. Apparently cheaper, the total amount spent by a family or group of friends for their transport can easily exceed the price of a private transfer, which is fixed according to the destination area and charged per vehicle instead. Overall, a shared shuttle only becomes a good value for money alternative if passengers are travelling solo, with few luggage items and are heading for destinations near the airport.

Private Transfers vs. Public Taxis

The pre-booked airport transfer service, also known as a private taxi transport, has several advantages over the conventional public taxis operating at Faro airport.

Less waiting. To take a regular public taxi at Faro airport, most likely you will have to wait for your turn in the taxi rank queue. During the summer season, with lots of passengers visiting the Algarve, it can take a long time before a taxi is available. This scenario can be avoided by booking in advance a private taxi transfer. A chauffeur for the vehicle of your choice will be standing by the arrivals hall, ready to assist you with luggage and drive you straight to your final destination - no waiting times upon arrival.

Cheaper. For the majority of Algarve destinations, the cost of a private transfer from Faro airport is cheaper than a regular public taxi. While transfer prices are fixed for a given destination area, for example Lagos, a public taxi is charged based on the trip time and the total price can easily go up depending on traffic conditions or if the client destination is not clear and driver has to circle around to find it. Apart from that, in a private taxi transfer service, passengers are already aware of the final cost for the transport between Faro airport and their accommodation - better for trip planning as it avoids unforeseen expenses.

Vehicles for all group sizes. While public taxis in the Algarve (as well as in the the rest of Portugal) are divided into only two categories - taxis that can carry up to 4 passengers and taxis with seats for up to 8 passengers - private transfers companies have several types of vehicles in their fleets to cater for small and large groups over 8 passengers. Transfer vehicles range from smaller sedan and estate cars, spacious minivans, vans and minibuses to larger buses and coaches. For example, a group of 9 travellers would have to take multiple public taxis thus resulting in a more expensive option, whilst with a private transfer the entire group can require a minibus vehicle and follow together on the same transport - more convenient and most of the times also cheaper.

Child safety. In Portugal, the transport of children under 12 years old requires an appropriate safety seat installed in the vehicle. However, not all public taxis have such equipment available, so if you are travelling with a minor it may be difficult to arrange a taxi with a child safety seat. In a private transfer, as the reservation is made in advance the child restraint system is pre-ordered and your transport will have the security equipment already installed.

Private Transfers vs. Public Buses

When it comes to time saving, comfort and value for money, private transfers are a much better option when compared to public buses from and to Faro airport.

No stops en route. The first drawback if you choose to take the public bus at Faro airport is that you can only get to Faro city centre - the only bus circuit with direct connection to the airport. If your accommodation is not located in Faro you will have to take at least two buses to get to your final destination. Instead, private transfers go straight from the airport to your accommodation - no hops, no time between stops and hassle free.

Time saving. Having to take several buses to your holiday destination implies waiting time during stops and at bus terminals. It's also more tiring having to carry and watch over your luggage during the trip. It's always better if you can arrive to your accommodation as quick as possible, to make the most of your holiday time instead of losing half a day just to get there. That is why private transfers are the preferred transportation option for passengers arriving and leaving at Faro airport - the transport is direct and for your party only.

Less confusing. Public buses can become a bit confusing especially for those not familiar with the area. It can be difficult for visitors to recognize where they should exit the bus or take the next one. Not speaking the local language also tends to make things a little more difficult to get on the right path. To avoid all this, Faro airport transfers are direct and uncomplicated - you simply provide your holiday address and any concerns end there.

Value for money. Take the example of a couple who is going to Albufeira for their holidays. First they would have to catch the bus from Faro airport to the bus terminal at Faro city centre. Then a second bus trip from Faro to Albufeira and possibly a third urban bus in Albufeira to get relatively close to the desired destination. They would have to pay for three separate bus tickets not to mention the waiting time between those trips, especially at weekends when there are very few buses between Faro and other towns. The bus journey can turn out to be more expensive than a private and direct transfer to Albufeira and consumes more of the precious vacation time. A transfer service is straightforward and carefree, representing a better value for money option for transport.

Private Transfers vs. Car Rental

Unless you want to explore more of the Algarve at your own pace or if your accommodation stays in a remote place, renting a car at Faro airport also loses advantages when compared to a private transfer - definitely a cheaper and more practical option for those who just want to relax and spend time on the beach. Car rental prices are considerable higher during the summer months, not to mention the fuel involved and motorway tolls. In the summer season places are crowded with cars, making it difficult to find parking places (which are often paid) and increasing the risk of damage to the vehicle - paying for a full damage waiver insurance is an option but it's another cost to be considered. You can avoid these rental costs and worries by booking a private transfer, not only between the airport but also between any origin and destination of your choice - hotel, beach, restaurant, theme park and so on. You choose the pick-up time that best suits your needs, the price is fixed and there are no surprise costs.