Buses at Faro airport

Guide on using the public bus to get to and from Faro airport. Information on the available connections, bus stops, timetable and ticket prices.


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Leaving the airport by bus

The public bus connection with Faro airport is provided by the Proximo company circuit 16 bus also known as the pink lane, which establishes the connection between the terminal station at Faro city centre and Faro beach (Ilha de Faro) back and forth, passing through the airport.

Once outside the terminal after leaving the arrivals area, follow the signs to the bus stop. Its a short walking distance as it stays practically in front of the terminal, next to the taxis rank. Regardless of your final destination you will always have to catch the circuit 16 bus towards the terminal station at Faro city centre. From there, the EVA Bus company provides several connections to destinations in the Algarve and rest of the country.

Bus stop signage at Faro airport Bus stop signage in the arrivals cover outside the terminal building
City bus circuit 16 passing through Faro airport Circuit 16 bus bound to Faro city centre passing at the airport
Timetable and ticket price

Location of bus stops at the airport

There are two public bus stops at Faro airport - one next to the terminal departures entrance and the other next to the terminal arrivals exit. Both are well identified and located under two large structures - arrivals and departures respectively - easily visible as you leave the terminal. The following map shows the location of the two bus stops.

Terminal plant
Location of public bus stops at Faro airport - departures and arrivals
  • Public access area
  • Check-in counters
  • International area
  • Baggage claim area and customs
  • Arrivals and passengers reception area
Timetable and ticket price

Getting to the airport by bus

If you are in Faro city, you can head to the bus terminal station located at Avenida da República next to the marina and hotel EVA, or find a bus stop along the city. In both cases you must take the circuit 16 bus - pink lane - bound to Praia de Faro (Faro beach) via Faro airport. Please note that some stops may not be covered by this circuit. To confirm this, check the route map present on each bus stop. Faro is a relatively small city and it will be easy to find another stop covered by the circuit 16.

If you are outside Faro, for example Albufeira, Lagos or Vilamoura, you must always take a bus to Faro first. There are no direct connections to the airport apart from Faro. Once you have arrived at the terminal bus station in the city centre, catch the circuit 16 bus or pink lane bound to Praia de Faro (Faro beach) via Faro airport.

Faro terminal bus station Entrance to central bus station in Faro city centre below hotel Eva
Public bus arriving at Faro airport Circuit 16 bus stopping at Faro airport arrivals area
Faro central station - bus terminal
Avenida da República 5, 8000-078 Faro
Lat: 37° 1′ 1.686″ N; Lon: -7° 56′ 14.9172″ W
See location map

Ticket office opening times: Monday to Friday from 06h00 to 23h00, weekends and holidays from 07h00 to 23h00
Ticket office number: 289 899 760
Customer support line: 289 899 740

Timetable and ticket price

Bus route and travel distance between Faro airport and the city

The bus route connecting Faro city to the airport is about 6 km long and takes approximately 20 minutes under normal traffic conditions and waiting times at each bus stop along the way - tickets can be bought directly to the bus driver. From Faro airport to the city the bus path has 13 stops - one is the city train station. From Faro city to the airport, the circuit has 15 stops. The bus central station in Faro, located at Avenida da República provides connections to domestic and international destinations.

Buses route map for the circuit 16 between Faro airport and the city centre
  • Bus stop at Faro airport
  • Terminal, central station in Faro city

Timetable and ticket price

last update - january 2017

Regardless of where you are coming from or going to, the transport by public bus to or from Faro airport has to pass through the Faro central station located at Avenida da República.

The ticket price is 2,25€ per person when bought directly to the bus driver.

Bus timetable from Faro airport to Faro city centre

Departure Arrival Circuit / Bus No.
07:4508:2014 a)
09:3509:5516 a)
10:4511:0516 b)
11:0511:2516 a)
12:3513:1014 a)
12:5013:1016 a)
14:0014:2016 a)
20:3520:5516 a)
22:1522:3516 a)
a) from Monday to Friday except holidays
b) only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Bus timetable from Faro city centre to Faro airport

Departure Arrival Circuit / Bus No.
08:3008:5016 a)
09:0009:2016 b)
09:3009:5016 a)
12:0012:2016 a)
12:1512:3516 a)
20:0020:2016 a)
21:4022:0016 a)
a) from Monday to Friday except holidays
b) only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Alternatives to the public bus

If your destination in the Algarve is outside the Faro area, you can avoid waiting times and several station hops by pre-booking a private transfer between Faro airport or renting a car at Faro airport. Although requiring online booking in advance, these are the two most convenient and quick transportation alternatives to public buses. The conventional taxi service at Faro airport is also available 24 hours.