Faro airport completed 50 years in 2015

Published: Faro airport completed 50 years in 2015

Last July 11, 2015 Faro airport completed 50 years serving the Algarve region. Opened in 1965 by the former President of the Republic, Américo Tomás, this milestone was celebrated through various cultural initiatives.

On July 4 began the exhibition “In Good Company”, set up by the Faro airport together with the Aeronautics Association of the Algarve, which tells the story of the several airlines that have been operating at the airport since its opening in 1965. The exhibition opening was also marked by the NAV choir performance.

The following week, July 10 was an eventful day. In the beautiful Estoi Palace took place the signing of the contract for the expansion of the terminal, starting in October 2015. The estimated value for this second airport renovation phase is 32.8 million euros and is expected to be finished in March 2017.

On the same day it was also paid tribute to the former Faro airport director, Carlos Cruzinha, with his name being given to a new street at the Montenegro neighbourhood in the outskirts of Faro.

It also marked the beginning of the group exhibition "Art in the Air", open to the public at the airport departures area, created by the art of 17 artists from the Algarve Artist Network.

Already during the night, the Algarve Orchestra concert to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of Faro airport took place at the city theatre.

To mark the end of the celebrations, on July 24, Faro airport invited the iconic Algarve band Iris to give an open concert to the public at the city marina.